Sino Screen
︎freelance ︎2020

Sino Screen is a division of Chinese in Entertainment,a digital media publication that curates news, opinions, and podcasts about the global entertainment industry, with a focus on the Sinosphere. Sino Screen aims to share knowledge from Hollywood insiders as well as sinophiles and cinephiles.

︎︎︎Role:Brand Designer
︎︎︎Skill:Brand Identity, Art Direction

Keywords: Film Industry, Culture, Content Creator
Creative Direction:
(1)Sino presents both On-Screen and Off-Screen
(2) Rectangle    indicates Screen
(3) Layer upon Layer  ↙︎  metaphors Cultural and Content Diffusion
(4) Color  ⦿  Black and White creates a focus on quality content
(5) Typeface  ✍︎  Sporting Grotesque by VTF


Downtown Independent

A Salon of Criticism for Film Theories and Film Aesthetics

❨ Sense ❩ ⎡ of ⎦ ❲ Invitation ❳

Chat behind the Scenes

Interviews about Everything associated with Cinéma

⎡ Under⎦  ❨ the ❩   ❲ Spotlight ❳

To Watch, or not to Watch

Reviews on Controversial Films

❲ Filmic ❳  ⎡ guide⎦ ❨ Compass ❩ 

One Flew Over Hollywood

In-depth Exploration in the Film Industry about Marketing, Structure, Industrial Process, Job Instructions

⎡ Dive ⎦ ❲ in ❳  ❨ Handbook ❩